Intuitive LIfe Coaching

I truly believe that we are all equal in our wisdom but lack equal access to our wisdom. 

It is my mission to connect you with yours. 

To do that we will play with all kinds of fun tools including but never limited to:

  • Dream analysis

  • Self-Inquiry - The Work of Byron Katie

  • Law of Attraction and manifestation

  • Connection with your higher self

  • Maybe even some Angelic Reiki to keep things interesting

Why would you want to connect with your own wisdom?

  • Get to know who you really are outside of culture and conditioning

  • Learn to trust that you are the expert navigator of your life

  • Cultivate deep and unconditional self-love

  • Set clear goals that are aligned with your integrity and attain them with ease

  • Connect deeply with the people in your life

  • Learn clear and honest communication

  • Set and keep physical, emotional, and energetic boundaries

  • Let the magic flow

byron katie the work facilitator
Reiki Master life coach



For Wayfinders

For Seekers of Truth

For Life Coaching and Wayfinding Clients

Byron Katie The Work facilitator

For Wayfinders

martha beck wayfinder master coach


The Work is an amazing tool to help our clients and ourselves break through limiting beliefs and blockages.  On the surface it seems simple, especially when watching a Byron Katie video, but The Work is incredibly deep and effective.  When I went through LCT with Martha Beck I did not like The Work because I thought it was too simple to work.  Then I would try it myself and get tripped up on the turnarounds and confused both as a coach and as a client.  Now The Work is my favorite coaching tool and I would love to teach you how to use it in a way that will take your coaching to the next level.


3 session 1:1 mentoring program tailored to your unique needs $277



This package includes The Work for Wayfinders as well as an in-depth review of ACT, Dream Analysis, The Change Cycle, and all the support and feedback you will need to help you sail through certification with confidence. 


6 session 1:1 mentoring program tailored to your unique needs $555

Byron Katie The Work facilitator

For Seekers of Truth

Byron Katie The Work facilitator


The Work of Byron Katie is far and away the most powerful tool I have found to gently yet thoroughly alleviate suffering in your world.  The Work puts your healing in your hands tapping into your own wisdom to find the peace, joy, and fulfillment that is your birthright.  In our sessions together, I will teach you how to fill out a Judge Your Neighbor Worksheet, I will hold you in your inquiry through facilitation, and empower you to facilitate yourself as an ongoing practice of peace.


Single session $77

3 sessions $222

Byron Katie The Work is a practice


An exploration into you that starts with the insights gained through Self Inquiry using The Work and looks more deeply into the concepts of Oneness, Universal Truth, and who we are as our truest selves. 


BARE Method life coach


For Life Coaching and Wayfinding Clients

Susan Hyatt BARE Method Coach


Are you ready to take excellent care of yourself?  Do you want to plant the seeds of a deep and unwavering self-love?  Would you like to make these changes now, instead of waiting for someday as soon as  ____ (fill in the blank). The only time you can make these changes is now because someday just never seems to show up.


Bare is a 7-week program that will help you upgrade every aspect of your life and have you treating yourself in a way that feels like love.  I will guide you as you clear emotional and physical baggage, lose diet mentality, and nurture seeds of self-love. 


7 1:1 coaching sessions $777

awaken to magic life coaching


Are you noticing that there is more to this world than meets the eye?  Are finding yourself strangely drawn to all things intuitive and mystical?  Do Tarot, channeling, crystals, and spirit animals hold a secret place of fascination in your world?  Well, you are in good company because I am right there with you.


I have embraced my “secret obsession” and gone full board into the world of magic and would love to share it with you in a way that keeps you both enthralled and grounded.  As my mentor Jennifer Voss states so eloquently, “Play in the magic, stay in the real”. 


I will teach you how to safely explore and enhance your budding intuitive gifts and forays into the realms of energy and magic, while keeping your feet safely planted in the here and now. 


5 session package includes:

  • Reiki Level 1 training and attunement (2 sessions)

  • Manifestation Magic (2 sessions)

  • Creating daily, monthly, and seasonal routines to support your practice


5 1:1 sessions $555

BARE method life coach


Brilliant thanks and brilliant session, thank you so much. You are a brilliant facilitator. What I liked was your willingness to say what you think and offer your suggestions whilst remaining very open and listening to me.
— Pheobe D. from Devon, UK
I am a bit skeptical by nature, but knew that I had some things to work through in both my personal and professional life.  I was really impressed with how quickly Deanne was able to get to the heart of my issues. The techniques she used worked right away and continue to work. Her ability to help me connect my physical response to my emotional reaction is a tool I still use almost daily.
— Amy B. from Incline Village, NV
Deanne is my go-to expert for The Work. I admire her gentle and straight-forward coaching style, as well as trust her to coach me when I’m in a blind spot. As an energy-healer, she has helped me release energetic blocks through an extra dimension of healing that I didn’t even realize I needed. If you want access to multiple healing modalities through one person, Deanne is a valued Master Coach to do it.
— Jenn from Los Angeles, CA

Your happiest life awaits.